I’m Helen, business coach and founder of Brilliant Together.

I help start-ups and small businesses get their ideas together, build their plans and get growing!

I’m an excellent listener, an expert at solving business problems and a master at planning!

I love working with people to refine their ideas and them bring to life.

Founder of Brilliant Together, Helen White

The Challenge

I know how it feels to juggle work and family

I know how it feels to have an exciting business idea but no time to make it a reality

I know how it feels to to be overwhelmed by all the blog articles & ‘experts’ out there.

I remember thinking:

“Where do I start?  Who can I turn to?”

The Solution

Sometimes we need a business friend to help us focus, solve problems and make plans.

My career in business strategy – working with both big & small businesses – and my experience of setting up Brilliant Together, mean I know how to help you.

I’m here to listen, advise, plan, do, support & to care. I know you need to surround yourself with genuine, skilled experts to help you get where you want to go.

So, start here & turn to Brilliant Together to help you build a small business you love

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My Story

The idea for Brilliant Together came when the corporate company I was working for was relocating from its Hertfordshire office to one in central London.  I was surrounded by brilliantly talented parents that were all faced with the same decision:

  • Do I relocate to London and compromise my family life?
  • Do I try to find another corporate part-time role, within easy commute (like there are loads of them, right?!)
  • Or do I retrain to do something more in line with school hours (again, unless you want to work in education there aren’t that many options here)

I decided to do something else.  I decided to take redundancy and build something that enabled me to do something I do best, without compromising my life with my family.  I decided to build my own businessRead more about my story here.

Brilliant Together at balancing work and home

take inspiration from my journey & trust me to help you build a business you love

“A thousand thanks to Helen for her brilliant situation assessment.

She really helped me pin down my priorities and gave me the encouragement and clarity I needed to start doing something, rather than just thinking about it. ” – Lindsay Garfoot

Brilliant People

Working together shouldn’t feel like hard work, it should feel like working with your friends.

“I would recommend Helen to any business, at any stage in their journey.

Helen has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and I found the business situation discussion, and the beautiful report a very useful stage of starting up my business.” – Kirsty-Louise Greene

MPower Awards

Brilliant Together has been been a finalist at the MPower National Business Awards in 2018 and 2019

2018 Finalist in the Rising Star Category

2019 Finalist in the Social Impact Category