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Sarah is our HR Consultant and can advise you on all aspects of HR, she works with her clients to understand their HR and leadership priorities and supports the entire employee life-cycle. Helping you to harness the power of your people, increase productivity and create a great place to work

An experienced HR Consultant with global B2B and B2C experience across a variety of business sectors including technology, hospitality, travel, news and information, outsourcing, telecoms, financial services and retail.

Sarah supports the entire employee lifecycle by working with her clients to understand their HR and leadership priorities. Sarah helps her clients harness the power of their people, increase productivity and create a great place to work.

Core Skills

  • Change management: Working with leaders to navigate complex change projects.
  • Management development and coaching: Enabling and empowering managers to get the best from their people.
  • Employee relations: Cutting through the legal jargon to provide simple, easy to understand advice and guidance.
  • Talent management: Identifying, managing and engaging top talent before, during and after the employment journey.
  • Performance management: Establishing and embedding competency framework design, Personal Development Plans, Performance Review documentation, 360 feedback, coaching, mentoring, training and support


Sarah has been working in HR since 1999, she now uses her extensive knowledge, skills and multi-sector experience to work with companies throughout the employment journey on any people-related issues.

She has experience with working with both big and small businesses and some of the most recent projects she’s worked on are:

  • Training client’s leadership team on new legislation and best practice management techniques
  • Global HR project support for client during time of change; including leading strategic HR agenda and providing solutions for rationalisation and future organisational design
  • Managing C-suite structural change and implementation of new structure and people
  • Supporting sensitive SLT-1 and C- Suite employee relations issues for various clients
  • Implementing and harmonising terms and conditions of employment including new policies and procedures and new, bespoke employee handbook
  • Managing C-Suite organisational design and subsequent structural change across the client’s entire organisation

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