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  • Do you have an idea for a business, but no idea where to start?
  • Have you started your business but got stuck?
  • Do you have a growing business but overwhelming to-do list?

We can help.   Talk to us about having a ‘Situation Assessment’ done.

This is a cost effective, bite-sized piece of consultancy to identify your needs, challenges, improvements opportunities and recommended actions.  It’s a great way to get unstuck and to provide some focus without spending too much money.

It consists of a 45 minute consultation and a ‘Situation Assessment’ report and costs £180.

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5 Star Reviews

Happy CustomerMaxine Kerley
Digital Bon Bons

I worked with Maxine in March 2017.  Maxine had just launched her company, Digital Bon Bons, a web design company that was focused on producing websites for the children’s market.  She was juggling working part-time, being a mum and trying to set up her business.  Her goal was to leave her part-time role and concentrate that time on building Digital Bon Bons, she just didn’t know how to achieve this.

We worked through Maxine’s key issues, identified her quick wins that would enable her to move forward fast and we worked through what her next big steps would be.

In September 2017, Maxine was able to leave her part-time job and is successfully building her business.

Here’s what Maxine said about working with Brilliant Together:

“Helen is so good at what she does, and she can see things for your business that you haven’t even seen yet or maybe didn’t cross your mind. She comes up with solutions to help you see clearer and find that oh so important extra time! Definitely worth taking up”

Happy Customer Lindsay Garfoot
Oh My, Michelle

Linsay came to Brilliant Together for a great idea for a brand new business venture, but no idea how to move it forward.  She was a full-time mum to a 1 year old and the only time she had to work on her idea was when her daughter was sleeping.

We worked through her key issues and made suggestions of things she should consider doing.  We broke everything into manageable sections and showed her a pathway forward.

Here is what she said when she got our report:

“A thousand thanks to Helen for her brilliant situation assessment. Our phone chat really helped me pin down my priorities and gave me the encouragement and clarity I needed to start doing something, rather than just thinking about it. The actual report was great and so helpful to see everything set out so clearly and in bite-sized, logical steps. Definitely recommended!”

Lindsay has now launched her beautiful online shop, in time for that all-important Christmas opportunity, its taken her just 7 months to get that idea out of her head and into something real, Brilliant Together was with her at the beginning to give her that all important push.

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